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Going forward, Goji will not be issuing any further bonds in order to allow us to focus on our platform technology services. Our Diversified Lending Bond has outperformed our target net return of 5% on all matured bonds to date and performance in our live bonds is also currently above this target. If you have an investment with us we will manage it to maturity and the Investment Management team will continue to focus on outperforming our target return. Please contact us if you have any questions - you can access your account by logging in here

Enterprise Investment Scheme

EIS and SEIS give investors access to equity stakes in unlisted businesses. These businesses are typically knowledge intensive early stage startups and high growth businesses.

Goji serves the sector by providing digital asset custody and investment platform technology that gives managers the core capabilities to onboard investors, process payments and safeguard client money and assets. By leveraging Goji's capabilities, investment managers can focus on growing their business.

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How Goji Can Help



Goji's extensive experience in KYC, AML, client money, client assets and payments means these functions can be trusted to an expert partner leaving you to focus on building your business.



The combination of our technology and dedicated operations team means we can scale with you, providing the same level of service no matter how ambitious your growth.



Our continual investment in our technology means our operational processes are automated wherever possible. All our capabilities can be accessed via our API meaning you can integrate our capabilities into your existing platform. 

Goji's Capabilities

Investor onboarding

Investor onboarding

  • KYC/AML checks
  • Ongoing monitoring (PEPs, sanctions, AML)
  • Ongoing risk management


  • Client money (CASS) accounts
  • Direct integration to Faster Payments Scheme
  • Card payments (coming soon)
  • Open banking payments (coming soon)
Asset Custody

Asset Custody

  • Nominee company
  • FCA compliant safeguarding of client assets
  • Dividend distribution 
  • Corporate actions

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