Is this investment protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

Your investment into Goji’s Bonds does not qualify for capital protection under the FSCS such as that offered by UK banks up to a limit of £85,000.

However, deposit protection does apply to cash held by Goji and underlying lending platforms when funds are held within segregated client money accounts. This would occur when your money is transferred to us to make an investment and when interest payments and the repayment of your capital are being made to you. While the money is in the Client Account (which is likely to be a short period) it is protected by the FSCS deposit protection, which is currently £85,000 per person.

There may be limited circumstances in which there may be a claim against Goji Financial Services Ltd if it is in default of a legally enforceable obligation to you up to £50,000. This is unlikely to affect significantly the risk that you assume in investing in Goji Investments, which are unsecured obligations of Goji Nominees Limited.