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Wealth Managers: Client Demand for Private Assets Set to Soar

Posted date: 16 December, 2021 Author: David Genn
Wealth Managers: Client Demand for Private Assets Set to Soar-Goji Direct Lending Investment Experts

Together with the Investment Association (IA), we recently commissioned a study exploring wealth managers’ allocations to, and attitudes to investing in, private assets. The report reveals that the majority of wealth managers are investing in private assets on behalf of their clients and that client demand for assets is set to accelerate.

Key findings include:

  • 71% of wealth managers said they are experiencing high demand for private assets among their ultra high net worth clients
  • Over half expect demand for access to private assets to increase in the next three years
  • Main barriers to investing more in private assets include a mismatch between liquidity profile and client expectations (58%), the availability of appropriate fund vehicles (46%) and high costs (46%)
  • 35% say they are likely to consider investing in the new LTAF, or similar fund structures that invest in private markets with notice periods, in the next 3 years

Download the full report to:

  • Access data on allocations to private markets at wealth managers that represent over one quarter of total UK wealth management assets
  • Find out CIOs’ views on the fund structures and ability to access private markets investments
  • Learn more about the new LTAF regime and anticipated uptake
  • Evaluate offerings to wealth management clients and benchmark services against peers

You can access the full report below and read the press release here PRESS RELEASE