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Going forward, Goji will not be issuing any further bonds in order to allow us to focus on our platform technology services. Our Diversified Lending Bond has outperformed our target net return of 5% on all matured bonds to date and performance in our live bonds is also currently above this target. If you have an investment with us we will manage it to maturity and the Investment Management team will continue to focus on outperforming our target return. Please contact us if you have any questions - you can access your account by logging in here

Welcome to Goji

Posted date: 27 June, 2019 Author: David Genn
Welcome to Goji-Goji Direct Lending Investment Experts

It’s been a busy first half of 2019 for Goji with us welcoming a number of new firms on to the Goji platform. It’s been a privilege to help Growth Street, Maven Bonds, Cogress, P1 Capital Partners, Earthworm, Birdbox and Dot Residential among others launch IFISA offerings to their investor base.

With firms including Signia Invest and Vala launching in the next few weeks it’s exciting to be part of the movement to make innovative investment opportunities available to an ever growing pool of investors.


Gs Logo Stacked

Growth Street, the peer-to-peer platform specialising in working capital finance to SMEs, launched an IFISA eligible one year bond to compliment their 30-day money account.  Growth Street were keen to leverage Goji’s IFISA expertise and this has allowed them to access longer term retail funding as well as tapping into historic ISA balances. 


Dot Fund

Dot Residential is a new venture founded by the ex-CCO and Co-founder of Landbay, the buy-to-let mortgage peer-to-peer platform. Dot Residential allows investors to earn a return from high-quality residential buy-to-let properties in high-growth cities, like Manchester and Liverpool. Dot worked with Goji so they could quickly get to market with a digital investment offering without distracting themselves from their core asset management 


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Maven Bonds, launched by experienced VCT manager Maven Capital, and Growth Capital Ventures gives investors exposure to asset backed investments in UK house building and commercial property development. Maven Bonds offer investors fixed-term IFISA eligible bonds. 

Eartworm Logo

Earthworm, the sustainable investment specialist, has been offering investors EIS wrapped investments in environmental infrastructure projects since 2008. Launching an IFISA eligible fixed term bond, distributed by financial advisers throughout the UK, gives investors a strong return and a meaningful impact on our future sustainability.  Earthworm leveraged Goji’s technical capability to complement their existing in house asset management expertise.


P1cp Logo

P1 Capital Partners is a boutique asset management group focussing on asset backed property investments in the UK. The Goji platform has enabled P1CP to serve financial advisers managing overseas investors to gain access to P1CP bonds.

We’ll be announcing a number of new platform launches over the coming months.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, please contact us.