Service and distribute private funds at scale


Goji and Euroclear are building a global network for private funds, combining platform technology and financial markets infrastructure to create scalability and growth for its participants.


Our private funds network is for

Asset managers that want to raise more capital from more investors.

Fund administrators that want to offer a market-leading service to asset managers.

Distributors that want low-friction access to private funds of their choice.


Our platform technology integrates with Euroclear’s extensive cross-border fund network to increase the value, volume, and variety of transactions between private fund market participants


Goji Technology

Distribute private funds more effectively to a larger universe of investors.

Why Goji?

Our digitised network connects private fund supply to growing demand

Fully digitised investor onboarding, subscriptions, investor aggregation, capital calls, distributions, and reporting

Access to >2,000 distributors and >900 asset managers in the Euroclear funds network

User experiences that drive client acquisition, expansion, and retention

Expore our platform


Keep exceptional company

At Goji, we are building a team with the cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence needed to solve the complex challenges currently impeding the rising global demand for private funds.

We are looking for technology, finance, and operational specialists who value the people they work with as much as the work itself.

Join Goji


Connecting the dots in private markets


Thank you for your interest in Goji’s offering

Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch as soon as possible to explore your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

phone+44 (0)203 865 5243
address10-12 Alie Street, London E1 8DE

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